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By Paul Maley - November, 2019

"A dystopian action drama packed with guns, fast cars and a deadly mutating virus for kicks. Curfew truly is as crazy as it sounds, The challenge was how to promote this without showing any of that".


After being briefed on Curfew, my excitement levels were high, so many great hooks to get stuck into. Then came the kicker...

Research and testing said we should avoid zombies, fast cars and guns. As those subjects as they will turn off potential viewers and the best element to concentrate on was ordinary people.


Show Proposition


"When day turns to night, ordinary people compete for freedom in the world’s deadliest street race".


We still had plenty to think about as this was a key art and a 360 advertising campaign.

It was important to capture the irreverence of the show as it is a crazy roller coaster ride of a story. Throw in a helping of "the walking dead", a good dose of "the fast and furious" and a sprinkle of "Lost" to top it off.


This one was a long one, so Ill cut straight to the shoot this time, we had broken our strategy down into a pre launch campaign, and our launch show key art with special build.


I took inspiration from some old school car advertising with a very simple image and witty copy line. Our lines we wrote were  to sound like a feature of the car but also doubling up as a hint at the themes of the show and characters.

The Imax


For the launch stage as well as the usual key art deliveries, we set about a special build for the imax in Waterloo. The building wrap covered the four main teams at the four main junctions, and carried the "Race your way free" line from the show. The wrap also had LED lights sown into the fabric to give the cars real headlights that could go on and off to attract attention.

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