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A cup of dreams

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By Paul Maley - January, 2012

"The cup of dreams, When your home club is going against one the big guns of the premier league, it's a dream come true. You can't stop thinking about what winning that cup could mean."


When ESPN bought the rights for the FA Cup they knew this was the 'cup of dreams' for so many clubs and fans alike.

They understood the passion and belief the FA cup represented for so many people.


The Idea's


I wanted to create scenarios of the everyman in everyday situations that are affected by thinking about what could be, when your team slay the giants to go on and become the champions. Over the course of two years, I created a series of adverts all illustrating the true everyman passion and belief that the dream can be achieved. Called 'Cup of Dreams' it features a number of football fans almost absent-mindedly musing on the magic of the Cup.


Executions Include:

Electrician - Who re-wires all the lights in an apartment block to resemble the famous silhouette of the FA Cup trophy.

Playroom - The doting father who makes the stars align into a cup-shaped constellation while decorating his daughter's bedroom.

Art Class - A student has one thing on his mind as he draws his naked curvy life model with her hands on hips and her hair up in a bun.

Snowman - Quality father and son time making a snowman goes a little bit off plan.

Tiles - A husband can never be trusted left to his own devices.


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