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By Paul Maley - WIP, 2020

"When you re-watch great TV, it brings back all the feelings. You laugh again, you cry again, you fall in love again"


When Covid19 hit us all, home was the new everything.


So what better time to kick back and take comfort in some your your favorite or unseen classics.


The brief was to come up with an idea to sell in the concept of re-watching shows you have seen before and feel you are getting value still from subscriptions. So we had to find an emotional connection to the stories and characters that have become part of our lives.

Whether thats Re-living the 1920s with "Boardwalk Empire". Re-loving "The Affair" you had over the summer or Re-savoring the death of King Joffery in the epic GOT.

After we had our Idea, we needed a brand, The words needed a hyphen or some way of dividing the Re from the word so it would read correctly so after trying a number of styles we settled on the top 4.

Once we had our idea and brand we took to creating the multitude of assets from TVC to digital 6$ and all the way through Sky's assets on the UI and website outlets.

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