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A new age in retirement

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By Paul Maley - Summer, 2014

"Building beautiful places for people to live long healthy and satisfying lives in lovely surroundings."


Wadswick green was a new venture brought to us by the Rangeford group, a new concept in retirement village living. The idea, to build modern contemporary living, with a scalable medical plan. Residents still buy and own their own home and assets but have a safe village with everything an older resident needs as they move to their golden years.


The Brand


The brand was to become part of a set of future villages, so the name as an identifier was an important feature the beautiful area of Corsham in Wiltshire, was also a key feature for the client. The village is set amongst beautiful fields and scenic hills, so the client wanted to encompass nature into the branding. However Wadswick was here to appeal to a new kind of retiree the ‘Luccies’, a large group of late fifties, upmarket, cheerful, comfortable, independent and expectant baby boomers. For Luccies, retirement means life getting even better and even more social. So keeping a modern edge and feel to all the materials and brand was important, it had to feel different to other homes on the market.


The Materials


With the whole site developed and ready to sell units, It was time to put together the brochure and event materials.

The target was modern, luxurious, clean and easy to understand the new offering.

To achieve this, we agreed on 6 colour print process with our 2 brand PMS inks and a high quality matt finish with soft touch varnish.

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