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Suburban sex

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By Paul Maley - January, 2019

" A love affair that quickly spirals out of control. After an attempt to spice up her personal life, Sally sets in motion a series of events that lead to a wild affair with Emma and calling it off with long-term, predictable partner David."


Julia Davis takes things to the next level in her latest show Sally4Ever.

Sexuality is a core part of the show and the destructive nature new awakenings can have on a long term relationship.


Show Proposition


Emma bursts into Sally’s life and makes her question everything. A comedy of love, sex and confusion in suburban Britain.


The Creative


When a recently engaged Sally meets Emma on a train, it is a whirlwind of confusion and excitement, Faced with a major crossroads in her life, her choice could change how she lives her life forever,

But Emma isn't one to shy away from taking control of a situation to get whatever she wants.

A few directions that were explored covered these areas "A Choice," "The Wedding Day," "Seduction," "Replaced" and "Threes a crowd"

The bedroom seemed to be the best environment to land the sexual nature and the choice for Sally, it also allowed the key art to show both the boring beige suburban life with David, or the sexy red lustful seductive of Emma.


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