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Striking back for one last time

Concept - Art Direction - Shoot Direction - Design - Delivery

By Paul Maley - March, 2020

"As Section 20 face enemies on all fronts, efforts to stop two brothers and and an Albanian organised crime syndicate. from carrying out a series of terrorist attacks across Europe isn't their only problem"


Being the end of a long running series, We wanted to give fans a big explosive farewell.

With a mix of danger and irreverence from the squad we headed of to Croatia and into a very unglamorous dilapidated paper factory.

Flying in the afternoon before with one flight a day, we were presented with our first issue. Half our lighting kit never got loaded onto the plane.

Not the greatest of starts but we went about making out our military plan to make what we had work for us in the day ahead.


We made do with a few strip lights and kept the photographers assistant busy move lights all day for each new set up and talent.

Without a final decision from our client we also had to contend with shooting everyone twice in both civilian undercover wardrobes and full military outfits across the cast of 5.

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