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By Paul Maley - Oct, 2020

Season 3 is back with more quiz, questions and tasks than ever before.


Alan Carr is back to host Series 3 of 'There's Something About Movies', alongside Michael Sheen, Jennifer Saunders and Tom Allen.

Viewers wanted more quiz, more fun and more laughs to play along at home.


Show Proposition


"The famous four are back with more movie quizzing than ever before."


The Creative


After looking at numerous ways of how to show quizing in a static format, I decided the clearest way way to show the competitive nature of quizing, it still needed to feel playful, funny and witty, so pitched it as a head to head, with talent reacting to each other. Whether it was dirty looks, winning and losing or confussion to whats being asked we set about planning our first shoot in the middle on Covid-19 precautions.

Only myself, a photographer and a single talent allowed in the room at once, All shot during the pre-record of the show.

I had to take talent as they were available on each shoot day, and re-light depending on which team they would be positioned in the end.

After the shoot, it was time to develop a bright colorful environment to make it upbeat and bright but still full of tension. I also wanted to keep the focus on all the talent pairings to allow the competitive nature to shine through.



"As There’s Something About Movies launches tomorrow, just wanted to send a quick note to say how much production love the key art (as do I, Al and Jonathan). They said they’ve been getting a LOT of comments on it about how great everyone thinks it looks. HATE to compare seasons buttttt….best one yet?


Thanks so much to everyone who worked on it! Especially as this was the first COVID shoot and you captured so many guests!!."


Marketing Manager – Sky


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